WOW WOW WOW -- This card reading was ridiculously wonderful!! You have a clear gift my friend.  I have been dreaming, thinking, preparing, to move into coaching for my work and this reading was so so so on point for that-- and it also resonated 100 %.  Even down to the dietary changes and the organization needs. CRAZY on point. I don't think there was a single card that wasn't RIGHT ON.  WOW-- and SO MANY CARDS!!! You are SO generous!! OH MY!!!  If you are searching for some angel guidance, do not wait another minute. Have Cheryl do a reading for you. Her prices are far too low- and her gift is great!!! You will not regret it!

Teresa Kuhl



Hi Cheryl! I just wanted to say you truly are my angel.  There's a lot of things that I have been going through in my life in the past month or so and I just wanted to thank you for being there.  I love what you do and I loved that card reading you gave me.  It was truly awesome and I just want to say thank you for being there and yes, you are my angel.  Have a blessed day.

Antoinette Fleming

Helping you to Dance Your Dance one step at a time.

Meet Cheryl

Cheryl came to an understanding of her spiritual gifts with the Angels and Energy Healing through her own struggles.  She spent years as a dancer and dance teacher, certain she was moving in her life purpose. Things changed and she was no longer able to continue teaching dance full time.  As she faced what felt like a loss of her identity, her true calling was opened to her. The angels spoke to her through Angel Cards and drew her to Energy Healing and Dance for healing.  As Cheryl lovingly received her own healing, her gift and connections to the Angels only increased. 

Cheryl is a Reiki Master. I.E.T. Practitioner, Angel Intuitive, and Dance Your Dance Facilitator.  She loves helping others find their healing through her gifts and is available by appointment.  If you are ready to Dance Your Dance and receive your divine guidance, energy clearing and healing, Cheryl would love to assist you.

Cheryl is joyfully married.  She and her husband live in South Jersey.  She continues to love dance, all things Michael Jackson, the beach and karaoke!